Which Wood to Choose For Laser Engraving

Many customers have the question of which engraving inlay wood to choose, Alder wood or Maple wood.

I generally suggest Alder wood. Alder captures a little more detail when engraved, and engraves in a carbon pencil blackish/dark color. Because of this it is the better choice for lower quality photos, less well lit photos. Alder wood can provide the best engraving, especially with high quality photos. Because of the color and detail, Alder works really well for dark pets and white pets that don’t have a lot of contrast in their coats.

Maple wood is a light, blondish color wood that engraves in a brownish-sienna color. It can capture fine detail if the photo is of high quality and good lighting and contrast. For these photos, Maple wood will work well, providing a difference in color and overall appearance with the urn.

wooden pet urn laser engraved toby
Alder Wood inlay in a Large Alder Wood Urn

urn for small pet
Maple wood inlay