Unique Gift for Hunters

gift for bear huntersGreat gift for hunters, a personalized, rustic, laser engraved photo of your trophy. Deer hunters, bear hunters, elk or big game hunter…Create that one-of-a-kind memento of a great hunting trophy.

Hunting and fishing memories will last a lifetime with a custom made plaque featuring your trophy picture and text of your choosing. Laser engraved high quality and beautiful to display rustic Basswood planks, these are not only good for displaying your own trophy hunting experiences, but for gift giving to that special hunter or fisherman or any occasion.

These basswood planks have a rectangular shape, with original bark on 2 edges. Size ranges from ~11 to 13 inches long/tall and ~7 to 9 inches wide between the bark edges. I generally choose the size based on the photo quality (how big I can make the photo and maintain quality) and the amount text that you request. However, you can let me know if you want your plaque towards the larger or smaller size.

Supply me with your photo and desired text. Once your picture and text have been decided on, I will send you a layout for approval. Once everything has been approved by you, allow 3-5 business days for me to create your plaque.

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