Large Wood Dog Urn – Laser Engraved Photo

large dog urnIf you are looking for a large personalized dog urn. This urn is made of solid Alder wood with a laser engraved contrasting or matching wood, inlay. If you need a personalized pet urn for your large dog, I can fill your need.

 Laser engraved wooden Pet Urns create a memorial keepsake of your loved best friend. From keepsake pet cremation urns to the traditional pet urn for cats, dogs, bunnies, birds and other beloved companions, we can fill your need.

You provide me with your favorite photo of your pet, tell me what you would like to say on the urn and I’ll take care of the rest. I suggest you contact me first so I can evaluate the photo you want to use, to make sure it is of good enough quality for laser engraving. I sell on my store. Please contact me and I’ll create a custom order for you.

wooden pet urn laser engraved**HOW TO SIZE YOUR PET URN **  The industry standard is 1 cubic inch of space for every 1 pound that your pet weighed at the time they passed. This industry standard is an approximate size required, and is close, but not exact.

I recommend that if you plan to keep all of your pet’s cremains, and the weight is borderline for the urn size, that you purchase an urn larger in size to make sure you have enough room.
Or…Some of you may plan to spread some of the cremains in a special place that you shared with your beloved pet. In that case, the size of the urn is less critical. You can spread whatever amount of ashes you want at your beloved pets special place, and then place the remaining ashes in your urn.

Often, at the loss of your pet, it is too emotional to even think of what to do with the ashes. Later you may regret that you did not cremate your loved one so you could have a memorial in their honor. This is OK, my personalized laser engraved pet urns can be used with or without ashes. You can simply put, a collar, tags or simply a letter in the memorial and then seal it. This is a wonderful way to remember your little one even if you no longer have the ashes and are looking for something  beautiful to preserve you dear pet’s memory!

photo engraved wood pet urn large-wooden-pet-urn-laser-engraved-photo
large-dog-urn-diallo large dog urn laser engraved
large flat style urn Large dog memory box urn
large cube dog urn wooden pet urn laser engraved toby
large alder wood urn large flat style laser engraved urn



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